How Can I Lose Weight With A Thyroid Problem?

I asked myself this question for many, many years. I was diagnosed with a hypo-active thyroid shortly after I graduated from high school and had battled my weight for 25 years after that. It wasn't until I stumbled across a weight loss program that explained that most people don't succeed at losing the weight that they want because they do not have all of the tools needed to obtain that success. Let me explain.

Over the years, I have spent thousands of dollars on the big name diet programs. Most of these were the plans where you purchase their prepackaged foods. I always followed their instructions exactly. In every case, I would lose about 10 pounds then I would stop losing weight completely. No matter what I tried, I couldn't lose any more weight. I would eventually give up and then go on to a different diet to see if theirs would work better. Most of the time, I would gain back all of the weight that I had lost along with some extra weight. It was extremely frustrating.

\"Losing Weight With Hypothyroidism\"

Then I watched this video about a weight loss program, and it made a lot of sense. He made an analogy to a person who was trying to build a staircase with only a couple of tools and the person got nowhere. Then some additional workers showed up with different tools and the staircase went up quickly. He said that he figured out that he wasn't succeeding at losing weight because he didn't have the right tools. His story was just like mine, so I tried out the plan he was promoting and it worked.

How Can I Lose Weight With A Thyroid Problem?

So I took this idea about not having the correct tools and applied it to my thyroid problem as well. I visited my physician and talked about my thyroid dosages. I asked him "how can I lose weight with a thyroid problem? I have tried everything". So he did another blood test to check my thyroid levels. I was very glad that I had gone to talk to him. I learned that the thyroid medication guidelines had changed and I was not taking the correct dosage any longer. I also found out that I was taking my medicine incorrectly. Did you know that you cannot have anything to eat or drink (except water) for two hours before and one hour after you take your medicine. Or that calcium or calcium containing products will interfere with the absorption of the medication into your system. I was not aware of this information and was taking my medication with milk or having a cheese stick close to the time that I would take the medication. The doctor said that I was essentially getting an extremely low dose of the medication into my system. Once I followed the proper protocol for taking my medication, my energy level increased, I wasn't tired all the time anymore, my metabolism started working much better, and I started shedding the pounds. You should check with your physician to see if you need to change your medication. It could be the key to your success with losing the weight.

So make sure that you have the right tools before you try to lose the weight that you want to lose. Stop saying "how can I lose weight with a thyroid problem" and start saying "I can lose weight with a thyroid problem".

How Can I Lose Weight With A Thyroid Problem?

My name is Theresa Iker and I have dealt with issues concerning my weight for a very long time. While searching the internet one day, I found a website called Strip That Fat. I listened to the video that explains how this person came to figure out what he was doing wrong trying to lose weight. I was really able to relate to his story, so I spent the that it cost to receive the information. I am so glad that I did. Visit my website at [] to learn more about me and some of the things that I have learned from Strip That Fat.